Company Overview

Meet The BI Collaborative

Human Services Providers

Our Why

We help you…so you can help others.

We ONLY work with Human Service Providers.

We live daily, through our clients, the challenges you face like staffing, insufficient rates, lack of IT resources and the industry transition towards Value-Based Reimbursement (aka Alternative Payment Models, APM’s). Our business intelligence solutions automate manual processes, give time back to staff, improve employee job satisfaction and deliver insights into organizational performance improvement.

Our Focus

Creating Fact-Based Decision Making Organizations!

Why? Because according to research from Aberdeen, McKinsey & Forrester, data-driven organizations are 30% more likely to reach their goals, 6% more profitable and have a 173% advantage in efficiently complying with regulations.

We solve the problem of data being siloed in disparate systems (including excel spreadsheets) and automate what are today’s manual efforts to pull, organize and report information.

The BI/Analytics platform features modules that “turn data into actionable information” in the form of Interactive Dashboards, Detailed Reports and Advanced Analytics. These outputs are customized to each client and serve the needs of the C-Suite, Middle Management and Frontline Staff.

CSuite Solution

Why Work With Us?

The BI Collaborative helps Human Service Providers “SEE CLEARLY” when making decisions.

The BI Collaborative is the “Easy Button” for Organizational Insights

In 12 weeks and a surprisingly low cost, you can have insights from 3 fully-implemented modules. This system eliminates all the manual efforts, delays in data aggregation and automates reporting, giving 30-50% of time back to Middle and Front-Line managers. How might that impact staffing and employee satisfaction?

Consultants and Trade Associations continue to stress “WHAT” you need to do

…organize data to make better decisions, improve performance, and prepare for Value-Based Reimbursement.

The BI Collaborative is the enabling technology of “HOW” to do it…and we do most of the work.

Providers are leveraging our experience in Business Intelligence and Value-Based Reimbursement. Our BI/Analytics platform is an industry solution containing data from many Providers that will deliver more insights than your data alone can provide. Join the community, save time and share the journey with peers rather than climbing this mountain alone!


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