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The BI Collaborative exclusively serves Human Services Providers — IDD, Behavioral & Mental Health, Children & Youth, and Addiction Service Providers — helping them turn data into actionable information to create efficiencies, optimize quality, and drive cost and revenue improvements.

The Challenge

All Human Services Providers share similar challenges.

  • Siloed Data (departments & systems)
  • Huge Manual Efforts to pull data for reporting
  • Data is often late or outdated for reporting or decision making
  • No “single source of truth” for Management Insights
  • Not prepared to compete in APM or Value Based contract
  • Source System reporting is limited to only data in that system
  • Information is not easily available or digestible
  • Many people pulling data for different purposes
  • We don’t know our cost/margin at unit of service
  • Lack of IT resources
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According to research from Aberdeen, McKinsey & Forrester:

“Data-driven organizations are 30% more likely to reach their goals, 6% more profitable and have a 173% advantage in efficiently complying with regulations.”

Business Intelligence Platform for Human Services Agencies

Our Mission

Combining leading-edge business intelligence with culture-changing collaboration.

Business Intelligence and Organizational Data Strategy are critical components for companies that seek to optimize their operations and gain a competitive edge in today’s business landscape. In fact, recent research from Aberdeen, McKinsey and Forrester report that “Data-driven organizations are 30% more likely to attain their goals, 6% more profitable and have an 173% advantage in efficiently complying with regulations.”

The BI Collaborative’s mission has always been to “Create Fact-Based Decision-Making Organizations.” We do this through Technology, Consulting, Education and Collaboration, and our business intelligence platform is the enabling technology for organizational performance improvement and foundational to compete in a Value-Based Reimbursement world.

The Benefits

What are the benefits of a Data-Driven Culture in your agency?

Create Efficiencies & Save Time. No more trying to organize the data for specific reporting.

Increase Productivity. Insights are available at the fingertips of anyone, at any level of your organization.

Operational Excellence Framework. Data provides the foundation for continuous improvement and fact-based decision making.

Employee Engagement & Satisfaction. When you implement at a workgroup and business problem level, employees see their input is sought and their problems are solved thus they are engaged and appreciative.

Competitive Advantage. Those who know their data can tell their stories better to consumers, payers or government agencies as we migrate from fee-for-service to alternative payment methods.
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Why Work With Us?

8 Reasons Human Services Agencies Partner with Us

Creating Data-Driven Organizations

Several research studies (like this one) confirm that data-driven organizations out-compete their peers

Experienced Partner

Our Leadership team has 25+ years of experience building technology solutions for Healthcare Providers


More cost-effective to use a technology built for the industry than build/maintain something internally.

Knowledge Sharing

More value in a solution where many Providers have shared input and best practices versus a solution built internally.

Industry Benchmarks

Our platform incorporates “industry comparatives & benchmarks” that don’t exist with internally-developed solutions.

Extend Your IT Team

We augment your existing IT staff as we do all the IT build work.

VBR Transition Experts

We advised hospital c-suite leaders on data strategies in transitions from Fee-for-Service to Value-Based Reimbursement.

Quick Implementation + Results

Flexible, quick win implementation model (12-week average to deploy three modules).


What are our clients and partners saying?

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