Unlock Greater Employee Satisfaction & Improve Company Success with SharePoint


Driven by a demand for a powerful and integrated collaboration platform, Microsoft SharePoint has become one of the most utilized tools by enterprises. Leading organizations are leaving legacy processes and systems for SharePoint’s modern technology, excellent user experience, and proven collaboration tools.

By adopting SharePoint, organizations can meet the demands of 21st century employees and customers and improve overall company success. For example, a Human Services Provider in Pennsylvania tapped, The BI Collaborative to re-design and re-architect its Intranet site using SharePoint. In just three months, the Intranet site increased monthly visitors from 35,000 to 95,000 proving that an easy-to-use, well-architected site that serves the needs of employees creates higher engagement and satisfaction!

Your company can benefit from SharePoint too! With The BI Collaborative in your corner, we can help you leverage the full power of SharePoint so you can:

  • Create internal social communities (like an Intranet) that support document management, content sharing, associated workflows, and links to other applications
  • Unleash reliable document collaboration through co-authoring and versioning
  • Offer flexible “anytime, anywhere, any device” access from the web to your information and processes
  • Connect or link files into the Microsoft search engine, which scans the content of readable files and gives you the option to organize and search based on custom metadata
  • Simplify the user interface and reduce end user confusion by decreasing the number of independent, isolated systems
  • Provide better support for compliance with organizational policies, standards, and regulations
  • Optimize the security footprint of your information sharing, collaboration, and content management systems
  • Support better collaboration with your partners and clients through secure external access to information

The BI Collaborative focuses on helping clients move to, and live in, a more flexible and robust digital workspace. Whether you’re planning a migration to the cloud, or you need to optimize a current SharePoint deployment, The BI Collaborative can help.

To learn more about The BI Collaborative SharePoint Consulting Services, click here.

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